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13 day Worldwide Online Sacred Cacao Dieta


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I am so glad to share once again my 💫🌈 13 days ONLINE Cacao and Vibrational Medicine RETREAT 🌈 💫
starting on the 7th of February.

From the comfort of your home, you will have the opportunity of creating a more personal and sacred relationship with the Spirit of Cacao and start or reinforce your personal practice. We will dive deeply in the healing realms of Cacao as a Master Teacher and I will suggest different practices to accompany this exploration.

We will begin and finish this 13 day journey with an online ceremony at each end of the journey.

I consider having a Spiritual practice is essential in these times, and one of the fundamental ways to reinforce this individual practice or to acquire one is to go into retreat with others, co-creating a group mind and bringing focused awareness into play, working with intention and training the mind to be focused while relaxed.
Two of the main tools we will work with is the 13:20 moon calendar, the DreamSpell and the study of the Astrological forces at play during our time together.

One of the advantages of going in retreat like this is that many of us can not have the luxury of going away for long periods of time, but we can create some extra personal space for these 13 days. I personally find very empowering and great for bringing more perspective to be on retreat while I continue with my everyday life responsibilities.

Limited places: Bookings are at
Energy Exchange: £108

Early bird: If booked before Epiphany day 6th of January, you will receive a Blue Lotus gift valued £22 (you pay postage) and 20% off on your order of vibrational medicines Liberation, Redemption & Blue Lotus, which ideally we shall be working with.