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NEPHTYS – The Obsidian Necklace


Image of NEPHTYS – The Obsidian Necklace

Nephtis works on an energetic-spiritual level. It is the necklace that represents the symbol of Nephtys, the Egyptian goddess, sister of Isis. It helps to bring consciousness of freedom both for women and men. It brings connection with the creative and to manifest energy through the activation of the throat chakra. It activates the slave archetype both in women and men.

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This healing System has been created by Ana Silvia Serrano who has been researching the physical, chemical and energetic properties of the Obsidian which is catalogued as “magmatic rock”.

This investigation embraces historical, archaeological, anthropological and energetic research that shows clearly the healing properties that this magmatic rock contains.

The work is complemented by the creation of the figures, shapes and symbols that affect in a positive way the physiche of the being, where the healing is proposed. This is amplified by the action of the properties of the magmatic rock which produce health and well-being to the organs and systems.

Each different shape, form and symbol impacts the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies modifying the configuration of the chakras, nadis and meridians which later crystallize in the physical body.

This information has been captured in Ana Silvia Serrano two main books: “Obsidiana, sacred healing stone” (2010) and “Osiris the obsidian egg” (2012).


The use of Obsidian Geometries as a healing technique is a proposal by Master Ana Silvia Serrano to achieve not only physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, but also as a preventive medicine technique.

With this practice spanning more than 20 years, this technique has shown to be an effective healthcare tool, due to the obsidian properties which allow the balancing of the bioenergetic bodies.
d with caution and knowledge since the absorption of the contents that dwell in the unconscious can bring confusion and have negative effects on the health.

One such rebalancing and unblocking of energy in the various plexus of the being comes from the Obsidian power of absorption. However this quality must be manage
The obsidian pieces carved in different shapes impact the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. By applying them over different lengths of times, differing combinations the person achieves good health.

After so many years of work and multiple experiences, we have seen that this healing system is an option to cure diseases (which are not diseases, but blockages that produce this "disease") from headaches to cases of Cirrhosis, Multiple sclerosis, Papilloma virus to Trigeminal neuralgia and Gangrene problems, without the need to take medication.

However, we can argue that health does not emerge without delving into the themes of the memory that rest in the emotional body. Thus, the System of healing with Obsidian Geometries, created by Master Ana Silvia Serrano, is an option not only for healing but as preventive medicine.