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The Yoga of Mercy

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As we travel through the Scorpio season with all its challenges and gifts, one word keeps echoing in my connection to other realms- MERCY. What a beautiful and incredible word and meaning, don’t you think? I have never found a greater embodiment of its meaning but with Kwan Yin. She is not a Goddess but what we call in the Buddhist tradition a Bodhisattva. An enlightened being in service of the enlightenment of the human race. She represents this Mercy frequency which pulsates at the core of all of us.
As we continue with a 3D reality full of challenges and distortions, the ones of us that can foresee, work and pray for a future full of hope, beauty and harmony must aligned our spiritual work with this magnanimous forces. Kwan Yin is the ´incarnation´ of all the Buddhas, especially Amithaba Buddha. She is the incarnation of Mercy, Compassion and Wisdom.

As we finish the Dark Ages of the Kal Yuga, where we are all experiencing the accelerated personal and planetary karmic repayment unfolding, Kwan Yin together with Lady Portia, the Goddess of Justice, are said to be sitting with other members of the Karmic Tribunal assisting Saint Germain, the Aquarian Hierarch to rescue the Human race and the planet Earth and step into the Golden Age of Freedom, Peace and Enlightenment.
I can only say- Let’s practice together and dive into the vastness and fullness of the field of Mercy.
9 weeks Online programme

Thursdays 7-8.30pm UK time
Starting date: 25th November 2021